Cotoex - Best crypto exchange app in India

Welcome to COTOEX

Cotoex is an instant cryptocurrency exchange platform. Our platform allows customers to surf through all the swap offers collected from major crypto exchanges just in one place. We strive to simplify the exchange process as much as possible, making more than 750 cryptocurrencies available for fast and registration-free swaps with the greatest rates on the market.

Our number one priority is to save your time— the most precious thing we have. More than 18 instant exchange services, more than 750 cryptocurrencies and tokens, more than 60,000 exchange pairs— the whole range of exchange offers is now on one page! You have no need to search the rates through different platforms and services comparing their terms and fees anymore— we do that for you with no extra fee!

Wide range of coins - Best cryptocurrency exchange platform

Wide range of coins

Cotoex is India's best crypto exchange having More than 700 crypto and fiat currencies available for exchange.

24/7 support
Our knowledgeable and pleasant support crew will be there for you when you need assistance.

Reliable service
There haven't been any significant system breakdowns. Cotoex is ready to use 99 % of the time

User Friendly Interface
We make the cryptocurrency trading process simple and convenient for everyone.

How does cotoex function?

Cotoex is a consumer convenience project that has been available for users globally.

Users do not need to create accounts or make deposits to use our service. As a result, customers are protected against financial fraud. To obtain the best rates, we compare various trustworthy trading platforms.

How does Cotoex work?


01. Choose the crypto exchange pair
Here are 3 easy steps of exchanging cryptocurrency with COTOEX. To get started, you need to register yourself first, then get logged in & hence you will be able to start exchanging. Let's say you want to buy Ethereum for Bitcoin. Select the BTC (You want) in the first section & ETH (You get) in the second section & then enter the amount you wish to exchange. Now you will be able to see the exchangers & you can select your favourite one & go with it.

02. Enter the recipient’s address
You need to enter the recipient's ETH (You get) address. After selecting the exchanger, click on the "Exchange" button and enter your ETH address to proceed. Be extremely careful and double-check your BIGH address. You need to accept the terms of use to move ahead & click on 'Next'. Your ETH (You get) coins will be sent to this address right after the exchange.

03. Transfer your funds
On the exchange page, you will see the address to send the indicated Bitcoins to continue the exchange. You can copy that address and save it. You will be able to see the time left to deposit the money. Also, you can track your exchange.
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