India’s Digital Currency

BIGH BULL – India’s Digital Currency

BIGB Token is an Indian digital currency that will be used as a transaction token on any BIGH BULL Technosoft LLP, Copy, and Bot trading platforms. In addition to that, it will be the base coin of the crypto exchanger COTOEX being launched by BIGH BULL Technosoft LLP for crypto trading.

Bigh Bull is a transactional token and can be used as a currency. BIGB tokens can be used for online shopping, retail stores, education, and logistics. It can be used to buy from a pin to a plane and for all digital monetary transactions in a simple way.

Bigh Bull - New Crypto Token

What Is Bigh Bull Token (BIGB)?

BIGB Token is a digital payment system that doesn't rely on banks to verify transactions; it's a peer-to-peer system that can enable anyone anywhere to send and secure payments. The Term crypto token refers to a unique virtual currency token or denominated cryptocurrencies. These tokens represent fungible and tradable assets or utilities on their blockchains. Crypto tokens are often used for fundraising for crowd sales, but they can also be used as a substitute for other things.

Bigh Bull - New Digital Currency

How Secure Is BIGB Token?

BIGB is a new crypto token built using BINANCE blockchain technology. It's a reasonably complex, technical process. Still, the result is a digital ledger of crypto transactions that's hard for hackers to tamper with. It has a smart contract on Binance.

Bigh Bull is an open-source smart contract token deployed on Binance Blockchain (Smart chain). Every transaction done for this token will be recorded on blockchain ledgers and visible to everybody. Binance blockchain works on POS (Proof of stake), the consensus mechanism used to validate block transactions.

Validators maintain PoS-powered blockchains. The validation process in PoS is called "forging." If a node intends to participate in the block creation process, it simply has to stake the native token. There is no need to spend on electricity or purchase specialized hardware.

Bigh Bull - digital currency in india

Storing Of BIGB Token

If you buy digital currency, one has to store it. BIGB tokens can be stored in a digital cryptocurrency wallet. Each has its own benefits and technical security requirements—for example, Trust Wallet, Metamask, etc. While there are many different wallets, BIGB tokens can be stored in any cryptocurrency wallet supporting Binance blockchain technology.

What Is A Token Sale?
A token sale sometimes referred to as an ICO, is a form of crowdfunding for digital currency-related projects. In token sales, purchasers buy units of a new currency in exchange for legal tender or other digital currencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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