About Us

Bigh Bull Technosoft LLP INDIA, is a technology and block-chain services company established by one of the leading technocrats of India.

The company endeavors to leverage on its high-tech technology and innovative solutions to help and support investors, traders as well as every common man; to learn, execute and maximize gains from forex, stock and crypto trading. Bigh Bull offers nine trading platforms, one crypto switching platform and one educational platform for dissemination of block-chain tutorials. The nine trading platforms offer trading solutions with enhanced capabilities through seamless integration of AI.

Besides the high-tech tools offered for diverse trading activities, Bigh Bull primarily has a vision of reaching out to the masses and build a generation of highly informed and technologically savvy investors not only in India but the world as a whole.

BIGH BULL advanced tools & services

What Is Bigh Bull?

Bigh Bull's mission is to be a single-stop, reliable, and
advanced trading platform for all Crypto, Forex, Stock Traders.


Enable, educate and capacitize the masses to leverage on high-tech, innovative and user-friendly solutions to trade and maximize their profits along with minimizing potential losses.

Bigh Bull - What we offer

We Offer

"We offer you to trade Crypto, Stocks, Forex, MCX using our platform."

bot trading features

BOT Trading features

Our Copy & BOT Trading features enable you to take easy & quick actions. New traders or users can get to know quickly about the trading.

Why BIGH BULL Is The Game Changer?

Designed and developed by the professionals

Backed by the Industry Experts

Artificial Intelligent enabled solutions

One-Stop Solution for all Crypto, Forex, Stock trading services


There are three platforms each for stock, crypto and forex trading, one platform to provide real time rate comparisons between top ten crypto exchanges named COTOEX to help traders pick the best price and one educational platform to disseminate technical education on areas such as AI, Block-chain and machine learning to the masses.
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